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There is something very special about a handmade gift for babies. Nothing can compare to the message and unique quality that handmade garments hold. Sadly many of us don’t have the time or skill to produce these today. I am so happy to offer you my selection of exquisitely crafted handmade clothes, blankets and toys for babies from newborn to 24 months.
My hand knitted garments are made from the highest quality European yarns especially selected for their baby-friendly handle and their easy wash and wear as well. I will only use yarn that I know is soft and kind to babies’ skin. The Winter Collection uses a luxurious cashmere, merino wool and microfibre blend which is unbelievably soft to the touch, machine washable, and just perfect for babies. The Summer Collection is made from organically grown cotton, sometimes mixed with merino wool or microfibre, depending on the drape or elasticity required in the garment.
All garments are handmade in Australia with love and attention by ladies that have been knitting for decades. I am particularly interested
in fostering this declining craft, and being part of Style Baby is providing keen knitters with a new circle of companions and a rare income stream.

If you are a new grandparent, godparent or looking for that something special for a baby shower or birthday, you will find it here. Style Baby provides individual garments and sets for newborns, boys and girls – combine a sweater, hat and socks with a darling cuddly toy or blanket.
I look forward to Style Baby being part of your little baby’s life.

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Sharon Nash

Owner /  Designer